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here is me.... Apr. 16th, 2006 @ 07:33 pm
yes, it is i, bert mccracken writing in a goddamn live journal. can you believe that? well its true. but hey, a guy's got to get it out when no one is looking and right now, i think no one is looking. *looking both ways* *smile*

in all honesty, i need this shit. after kate died, i lost it man. drugs, drinking and all that good stuff. took me away for a while until i got sick and had to stop. then it all started up again. drugs, drinking and all that good stuff. but my friends jeph, quinn and branden really got me though some shit you know? but i still lost some friends, and i know that happens when you do shit like that..and i'm sorry that it had to happen. but here i am, working on some new music and just living the best i can, right?

so here i go, spilling my guts on the fucking floor, or on the web, however you want to look at it. and since this is friends only, you'll have to comment to look at them. see you around.

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